About Us


Invested by the Viet Thuan Group, a leading company in the inland waterway and international maritime transportation, in collaboration with the Halong Shipbuilding Company, Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise proudly presents itself as the first green, safe, and modern super cruise ship in the Halong Bay heritage site. 

  • Vision: Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise aspires to advance beach tourism in Vietnam to international standards and explore unique heritage sea routes worldwide. 
  • Mission: Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise assumes a pioneering role in eco-friendly resort trends, aiming to protect the heritage of Vietnam’s Sea. 

The first green cruise on Vietnam travel map 

With a mission to preserve natural heritage and promote sustainable tourism, Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruises introduced the first eco-friendly cruise in Vietnam. The super cruise is equipped with a Chiller air conditioning system, manufactured by Daikin in Japan, meeting the standards of 5-6 star international super cruises. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems that use gas to cool and directly release hot air into the environment, the Chiller system uses a cooling medium (water circulated through the spaces requiring cooling) with seawater as the heat dissipation medium. Furthermore, the cruise is equipped with a 15ppm oil-water separator system from HAN YOUNG (South Korea) certified by KR (South Korea) and VR (Vietnam), ensuring the treatment of oil in wastewater meets international standards. This equipment separates oil and water, storing dirty oil for processing while releasing clean water into the environment. 

Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise I is the only cruise on Halong Bay using premium paint from International Paint (Netherlands), with an investment value three to four times higher than conventional paint. This environmentally-friendly paint has anti-fouling capabilities through the self-polishing method, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals discharged into the water environment, and it is approved by developed countries and IMO. Additionally, the paint application process adheres to the PSPC (Performance Standard for Protective Coatings) standards, extending the paint's durability for over 15 years, protecting the ship's hull and internal steel structures from seawater corrosion, thus increasing the cruise's lifespan, reducing the need for repainting, minimising the discharge of old paint into the environment, and contributing to the protection of the marine and land environments around shipyards. 

The paint used for freshwater tanks is non-hazardous to human health. Not limited to the ship's hardware, the green approach is also evident in the choice of interior materials and equipment. All furnishings are crafted from plantation timber instead of the unsustainable harvest of old-growth forests, reducing environmental harm. The ship's deck is made from modified bamboo, an eco-friendly material. Various onboard items such as disposable items and water bottles are made from recyclable materials. 

Safe - putting people at the centre

With a focus on putting people at the centre, Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruises consistently ensures the utmost safety for passengers and crew. Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruises holds the VR–SB certificate to operate in all coastal areas of Vietnam, making it the first green cruise in Vietnam to comply with international environmental standards and provide overnight stays in Halong Bay, Lan Ha, and conduct offshore trips to places like Cat Ba, Danang and Nha Trang…

The cruise uses a water supply system for all onboard activities that is 100% guaranteed through filtration and softening. Thus, the water supplied onboard meets sanitation and safety standards. The heat pump system is also used to provide hot water, ensuring a constant supply of hot water for daily use and the warm-water swimming pool. This system uses cool gas to heat water, saving 75% of the electricity consumption required for hot water production compared to traditional electrical methods. Additionally, it optimises when placed in the engine room to absorb heat from other devices, maintaining an optimal engine room temperature, prolonging the lifespan of equipment, and providing a comfortable working environment for crew members. 

The cruise's electrical system is supplied through an isolation transformer that minimises electrical surges, ensuring maximum safety for users. The use of 100% LED lights reduces electricity consumption. Furthermore, the main engine and generator are genuine products from YANMAR (Japan) and meet international emission standards for NOX concentration, as regulated by IMO and certified by NK (Japan) and VR (Vietnam). 

Passengers can have complete confidence in the cruise's fire protection and rescue systems, which have been inspected and approved by the fire department, ensuring safety for both passengers and crew. 

In addition, the bow thruster system uses variable frequency control, remote control from the helm and ensures safety and flexibility in areas with numerous ship activities. 

The double-hull technology and the two-level ship structure ensure maximum safety in case of shipwreck. Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise I is the only cruise in Halong Bay equipped with two lifeboats with adequate supplies, including flashlights, and distress signals, ensuring the highest survival capacity in emergencies. Moreover, the cruise ship is also equipped with 12 self-inflating life rafts, used in case of ship sinking. 

The most modern cruise on Halong Bay 

In addition to international safety and technical standards, Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise I boasts the luxury and modern aesthetics of a state-of-the-art supercruise, offering a more spacious and beautiful design compared to international cruises departing from Indonesia, Singapore, and beyond to Vietnam. This design provides passengers with a complete view to appreciate the beauty of the Halong Bay heritage site and other beautiful coastal areas in Vietnam. Furthermore, Essence Grand Cruises is equipped with a Building Management System (BMS) for more efficient operation management, reducing the number of system operation staff. It automatically adjusts temperature and cooling space, saving energy consumption for the air conditioning system. This guarantees absolute safety, saving over 30% on electricity, and minimising greenhouse gas emissions when gas-based air conditioning systems require repairs. 

Proudly the most luxurious super cruise ship in Halong Bay, Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise stands out with a length of 110 metres. The main deck covers an area of nearly 2,000 square metres and offers 55 bay-view rooms, Owner Suites with room sizes of up to 150 square , and a private outdoor space of 200 square metres with a hot tub, sunbathing chairs, and a helipad. It's not just a resort space; Essence Grand Halong Bay Cruise is an integrated super cruise ship with various entertainment and function areas: restaurants, bars & lounges, karaoke, spa, 3D golf course, wine & cigar lounge, fitness centre, and more.